Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use Fuel Pro Complete?

Fuel Pro Complete Professional Fuel System Cleaning Kit when used as directed, provides complete cleaning by safely and effectively removing carbon build up, cleaning vehicle's upper engine and intake systems from the plenum to the catalytic converter. Total Intake System Cleaner helps eliminate rough idling, knocking, pinging and engine run-on while reducing emissions and improving power and performance. MOTOR MEDIC Fuel Pro Complete Professional Fuel System Cleaning Kit's NO HYDRO-LOCK application process eliminates hydrostatic engine lock GUARANTEED.

What if my vehicle picture is not listed on the "Find Your Port" ?

Use the illustration shown in the instruction manual. You can also open the Fuel Pro Complete web site to email a picture of your engine compartment to assist in locating the vacuum brake booster line.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Use the Fuel Pro Complete web site under "Ask the Expert" page. Fill in the blanks and we will contact you.

Why did my "Check Engine" light come on?

In some cases, the engine "Check Engine" light may come on during the process. Do not panic if this happens. Complete the cleaning instruction. Drive the car for a complete "Drive Cycle". The Check Engine light should go off after this cycle. Each vehicle's "Drive Cycle" may vary according to what the vehicle manufacture has programmed as its "Drive Cycle". If the light continues to stay on take the vehicle to the nearest automotive parts store and they will reset the light at no charge.

What do I do if my engine starts knocking and pinging during the cleaning process?

Do not panic. Raise the RPM's slightly to 1500 RPMs. There may still be a small amount of knocking and pinging. Finish the full cleaning process. The noise will go away once the process is completed.

How come the intake cleaner will not exhaust into the vacuum line?

Verify that the application hose is correctly hooked up. The application hose when hooked up correctly, will flow toward the engine. Make sure that the engine is running during this process.

Why does my engine run rough when exhausting the intake cleaner into the vacuum line?

Rough idling is expected. If the engine will not run during this process at 1,000 RPM. Increase the RPMs to 1,500 RPM.

How come my engine will not run smoothly after I have used the intake cleaner?

Verify that you have hooked the vacuum booster line back up to the brake booster.

Are there vehicles that I cannot use this intake cleaner on:

There are a very small population of vehicles that cannot be fully cleaned using this intake cleaner. This product was designed for gasoline powered engines only. Do not use on diesel engines. Some 1992-1999 Vortec powered engines that are powered with Central Port Injection do not have a vacuum line that feeds all cylinders. This product will not evenly clean the intake system if using the vacuum line. If the vacuum line is used only 3 of the cylinders will be thoroughly cleaned. In most cases, the PCV line can be used. If the vehicle does not have a proper PCV line to use, this product should not be used. If there are any question, please submit your question on the "Ask the Expert" from the web page.

What if my car has a vacuum pump that pulls vacuum to the brake booster?

Do not use the Fuel Pro Complete in the vacuum pump vacuum line. This could result in damage to the vacuum pump. Find a alternate vacuum line such as the PCV valve vacuum line. Verify vacuum line used is down stream of the MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor). The PVC vacuum line is also a great inlet for the Fuel Pro Complete aerosol cleaner.

Can I use more than one Fuel Pro Complete Aerosol Total Intake System Cleaner on my car?

Yes, no harm will come if you use multiple kits on a vehicle. Please make sure that you only add one bottle of fuel injector cleaner per one full tank of gas.



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